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Joe & Mathisha in Sydney, Australia

I was invited to capture the nuptials of Joe & Mathisha in Sydney, and it was a party that went off with a bang and never slowed down, with some of the most incredible speeches I've heard at a wedding. Be sure to check out the film!


Maria & David in San Casciano Tuscany, Italy

Everyone found it a little hard to sleep that night. But the duo of anticipation and nerves were gently settled by Tuscan reds. The sun rose in her golden glory, to glisten and light one of the most romantic celebrations had.


Mariana & Scott in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

We're alongside the most southern coastline Mexico shares before it crosses into Guatemala. Unexpected summer swims, whimsical florals, and one party that will never, ever end.

From Around The World

For almost 10 years we've been telling the story of two people falling in love. We took some time to collect some of our favourite photographs.

Travel Dates

We're Summer lovers. We tend to chase the warmth, crashing all the best weddings. Here's a brief guide to our coming years!

Dear Vincent Films

An archive of the celebrations we've filmed from all around this beautiful world.

Handcrafted by us,
tailored to you

Best described as short films, these signature pieces are guided by narrative.
Wedding films don't need to be documentary in their style any longer.
The 'why' behind your decision to celebrate is so much more invigorating than the 'what', and that's the story we tell.

Our Team

Our Team

Dearest Sam,

I still remember the night I found your work. It was Autumn, and Jack had only just proposed the evening prior. Rain tapped on our windows as we shared our quilt on the little chair. We both felt overwhelmed, endlessly searching all corners of the internet to find something that resonated with us. And then we found you. Hours had passed, but from the first few moments we both knew you were the one. You felt like a friend to us already.
I couldn’t help but to feel somewhat indulgent, sharing coffee and stories with you in that adorable little cafe on 8th Street. Now that we’re reliving the day, I see that it’s not just a day but a single moment in time that encapsulates everything that brought us here. Our friends, our families. Well, this isn’t indulgent at all. In fact, it’s the greatest investment in ourselves that we have ever made. Yes it is for us, but these memories celebrate every single bit of good in our existence. You’ve given us more than memories, Sam.
Now we’re here, right where it all began. Jack’s waiting for me in the same chair, eager to open our album again. 2 years later from that email, feeling more than I ever have before. Sam wherever you are in the world, from our hearts to yours, thank you. I’m indebted.

With love,
Kel and Jack
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