Maria & David in San Casciano Tuscany, Italy

Maria & David in San Casciano Tuscany, Italy

David & Maria

The story of David and Maria,

Everyone found it a little hard to sleep that night. Feelings of anticipation and nerves were gently settled by Tuscan red wine. 

How couldn't I be nervous, we'd all be dreaming of this day for a while now - not just David and Maria, but their friends and families, and of course, myself.

It felt so surreal, as if I was hurled into an indie film. I stood, watching this romance bloom like a flower in it's own gentle timing. And behind it laid the setting Tuscan sun upon the hills that serenaded San Casciano.

Dear sweet life, you beautiful, romantic, cosmic explosion of particles and matter and star dust...

I'm inlove with you.

~ V

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