Recommended by the Lane

Recommended by the Lane

Here's a quick conversation I had with the incredible and talented members of The Lane.

We've worked on various projects with Karissa, the director and producer, on campaigns for Visa, Calleija and Lee Brennan. It's been a great relationship with this talented team, and I'm thrilled that we're on their recommendations list.


About Dear Vincent

"I’m sitting in Venice as I write this, trying to self reflect on 150 words that are truthful to my philosophy about what I do.

The question I’m asking myself is, what do I want couples to know about me... That I truly care about this, as much as they do, as much as you do. At this stage in my life, this isn’t a business or a job, this is my way of living. I live and breathe this. Through my love for literature, I really take to this quote by Henry Miller - ‘To make life itself an art, that is the goal’.

So here I am, wanting to transition my clients into my friends, and in that process create something that says to the world that this… this is love. You want to find somebody you truly connect with, from there everything will flow naturally. I hope you find this."

What is it that inspires you?

If you don’t mind entertaining a cliche here, it would be Henry Miller, when he said…

‘To make living an art itself, that is that goal’.

I’ve structured my business to be truthful to the absolute nth of my being, where I’m not enslaved to the ever elusive question mark of how much you can earn is found in how hard and fast you can push out your art. I’m now very intentional about where the profits of my business go, and very happy supporting some revolutionary charity organisations.

How do you describe your approach to your work?

Unobtrusive. I’ve worked all over the world with so many vendors and it’s unfortunate to see a lot of film makers getting caught up in gear and technicalities. They throw a tonne of money, along with the couples’ comfort at big, expensive and frightening equipment.

The real art is celebrating with your clients so that they become friends, and in that process, feeling absolutely genuinely for them, you see their true character.

What makes a wedding film magic?

Story. And a dash of emotional intelligence.

The majority of content available is definitely most documentary, which is fine – it suits most budgets well. But going a step further in creating something that edges into not just where we are, but how, and why, and what that feels like…
There’s a lot of flirtation when forming a narrative for an edit. There’s push and pull, and teasing with certain photographic components or music dynamics with a climatic point. All in all, I think it takes someone with an empathetic, vulnerable side. The best editors I’ve ever seen have all been very emotionally responsive characters.

Do you travel interstate or internationally?

A great deal. I’m still finding where my heart lies, so until that day I’ll continue to build relationships with people all around this beautiful world.

Describe a magical moment from a wedding you’ve captured….

It may be quite mundane, but this particular moment is something I see at most weddings and it’s always missed because it intoxicates the room… you have to go to these celebrations every week to become aware of it.

I was listening intently to the vows of a dear couple whom I quickly grew to adore. They began formally, addressing each other with… Dear Rebecca, returned by her, Dear Corbin. But as soon as they stripped away the traditional beginnings, that’s when this moment happened.
She paused, then whispered…
‘Corbs… my love…’, and the room changed. This was met with his, ‘Bec… my beauty’, and a deep gasp.

When how you feel transcends sight, transcends both touch and language, you’re left with a name that takes it all from you. For the stories they imparted to each other’s names are purely, f-king breathtakingly magical.

And I think real magic is always right in front of us. You’ll find it if you’re willing to be present.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Sam is a true artist who cares deeply for the journey itself – not just the end result. For Sam, frills aren’t necessary. He delves head first into a wedding’s rawness, realness, laughter and tears – capturing it all effortlessly.

For the couple…

Looking to connect with their videographer and let the magic flow naturally. Each step in the process is infused with emotion and technical precision.

Styling tips…

Available worldwide to capture your wedding day honestly, artistically and emotively. If you have any songs that are special to you as a couple, don’t hesitate to share them with Sam.

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