'Dear Vincent' - a project by Sam

I feel like I hit that moment early, that ‘ah-hah moment’. The grande epiphany in discovering what I’m here for. I hold distant memories of myself waking up to the sound of a shutter. It was an old film camera, and behind it was my father.
Before he passed we had this moment in his hospital room where he asked if I had any questions for him before he’d go.

Unfortunately when you’re two weeks shy of 15,
there’s just no way to answer.
And so we sat in the last silence we shared.

On that Monday morning after he passed, I ran to his room to hold onto some of his possessions.
And there I was, transitioning.
Three old cameras
Two diaries
and me, except I wasn’t the same.

I feel like I was born then and there.
I wasn’t a young boy who didn’t have a care anymore.
I had many cares, many questions.
And the answers,
I could articulate them with the help of these cameras.

I became this artist.
I became me.

I became addicted to sharing in vulnerability in pursuit of connecting in with other human beings.

And so here I am, wanting to transition my clients into my friends, and in that process create something that says to the world that this is love.

- - - 

Clients, couples, friends have invited me all around this beautiful planet to document parts of their lives together. Some of that work has been featured in a variety of photography competitions, mainly winning awards in portraiture which is very humbling. A little milestone was also having friends feature on the front covers of White Mag before they closed down.
But I don't really care much for validating my portfolio by sharing where it's been featured.

If you truely connect with me and my work, you'll flow naturally as we work together. This is what you want to find, and I hope you find it.

2020 Initiative.


I’ve been sitting here in this garden listening to the birds for awhile now. My ears attentive to them, whistling in clashing melody to the traffic of Mexico City. The sun is kissing my skin, a love like the couple adjacent to me, where the only thing separating them is the very skin they both call home.

Very soon, I’ll go meet the architect who is designing a self-sustainable tiny house for me back in Australia. I’m supposed to be coming up with ideas for her to work from as a base, but the only elements I’m certain for is how I want to feel.

I noticed that in the reconstruction of my very own life, I detached from certain necessities that otherwise I never even questioned. Perhaps that’s been the influence of living out of a suitcase, but an influence nonetheless.

That epiphany opened the dam to what was six years of accrued frustration with my artistic practice. And that epiphany led me to quit my business pursuits and ambition.

So here is my white flag, here is me quitting ambition, quitting business, quitting capitalism, quitting a self-destruction worship of individuality, quitting selling myself better than what others can.

I quit this rat race, this terrifying pursuit of wealth and the accumulation of materials.

I’ve ran passed too many people who are crippled by this race, anxious by this race, tormented on this race… people who I’ve lapped over and over again simply because I was born here and now and they are born then and there.

No longer will I enslave myself to this elusive dollar figure waiting at the end of how quickly I can push out my art.

I never decided to surrender myself to my creativity in hopes of becoming a successful business. No… not at all. I was ravished by my addiction to creativity, creating something powerful… so powerful it could make people move.

Welcome to my 2020 Initiative.

Here’s financial transparency, my action of letting go…

My yearly revenue stream sits at around AUD$250’000 - $300’000. As of 2020, I’ll only take AUD$37’000 as my annual salary.


And every cent of profit after this will go to International Opportunity which concentrates on micro financing.

A few years ago I invested myself into photographing their stories all over the Philippines (actually photographed Queen Elizabeth’s daughter too - had the honour of being put in an arm lock by one of her security guards), and I loved it (the stories).

But this isn’t a magical number, don't worry - it's just the tax threshold in Australia before 32.5% of earnings is invested straight into the system - which in theory is one in three weddings.
I’m not against supporting the system, but I’m well aware that the system doesn’t cater all too well for the developing world.
I feel as though my $3’572 + $25-30'000 in GST collected is my annual investment into the Australian economy (not to mention what I spend in market with the $33'428).

I am well aware this is unusual. But I never set out to be a business, I ventured into this world to create something beautiful.

Hopefully I’ll still be able to build my tiny house.

Wish me luck,
Sam Vincent

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