About Dear Vincent

About Dear Vincent

Our dear readers,

We’re writing to you from behind the brands of Dear Vincent and Dear Theo. Our much treasured brands are birthed from the ethos driven by Vincent Van Gogh’s letters to his much adored brother, Theo, where he writes,

‘... there is a delightful sense of working at something that becomes more and more interesting the deeper one goes into it’, 

And almost a decade on from when we first began, we’re inspired more than ever. 

When we first entered the industry we saw such a dated approach to the telling of stories. Well, in fairness, there weren't any stories being told, they were only documented, recorded… there wasn’t any personality to the approach. 

Maybe you feel the same. 

Since then, we’ve been pioneering ambitiously to revolutionise how a wedding photograph, and particularly a wedding film can be explored.

Our photographs are tailored through a sophisticated and editorial way of seeing.

Our films aren’t wedding videos. They’re short films. They explore characters. They adventure through the coming together of not just two individuals, but two communities. And they emphasise the transformation of these individuals by their bond. 

Our ethos / vision isn’t just shared between us all that contribute to our brands, but also with our clients and couples.

Because sometimes these marriages.... they are work. But it is eternally delightful work, it’s work for self, it’s work for other. 

And the deeper one goes into it, well, let’s just say it’s about time you two throw one big fuck-off party. 

Sam Vincent & Joshua Taylor


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