Taken the morning of Patricia's and Ole's Wedding in Northern Denmark, on a Pentax 67ii (Medium Format)

Taken the morning of Patricia's and Ole's Wedding in Northern Denmark, on a Pentax 67ii (Medium Format)

Behind The Glass

I feel like I hit that moment early, that ‘ah-hah moment’.
The grande epiphany in discovering what I’m here for.
I hold distant memories of myself waking up to the
sound of a shutter. It was an old film camera, and behind
it was my father.
Before he passed we had this moment in his hospital room
where he asked if I had any questions for him before he’d go.

Unfortunately when you’re two weeks shy of 15,
there’s just no way to answer.
And so we sat in the last silence we shared.

On that Monday morning after he passed,
I ran to his room to hold onto some of his possessions.
And there I was, transitioning.
Three old cameras
Two diaries
and me, except I wasn’t the same.

I feel like I was born then and there.
I wasn’t a young boy who didn’t have a care anymore.
I had many cares, many questions.
And the answers,
I could articulate them with the help of these cameras.

I became this artist.
I became me.

I’m Sam. People call me a photographer, film maker, creative director... I guess in summary, I just see shit a little differently.
They ask if I have been through film school, or if I have a degree.
I don’t.

For some reason, as unhealthy as it is, I tie my identity up into what I do.
This is my craft, my art. It’s why I’m here today,
and it’s most likely why you’re here, reading this.

I take my time with my work. And for this exact reason my availability is limited.

- - - 
This selection of my work shows images captured from all around the world. From New York, Denmark, Italy, Malta, Idaho, and all around Australia. I'm very honoured to have won various photography competitions, including the printed images of my medium format work in Rangerfinder Magazine, as well as having my work on the front covers of White Magazine.

That's my story, and I'd love to hear yours.

– Sam